Wild, Copper Nights

Come with me, wild heart

For tonight, you are mine

We can dip our souls in the painted skies

Stain our flesh with the colors of the sunset

Mother Nature is quite the artist

She’ll sketch our silhouettes in the stars

For a pretty penny

It only costs our ever after

But we don’t need a forever

We only need a now

You and I were built for tonight

Our bodies were crafted for such luscious physicality

Don’t immortalize our time

With fabricated sweet nothings

Whispered delicately in my ear

Explore me fully

My touch, my skills, my curves

Will be your newfound muse

Your ever sought splendor

Relish in all that we are tonight

We only have each other for as long as this lust lasts

Our hues collide, splashing the intimate nightfall

And twilight becomes our own masterpiece

As this copper flood takes us to a place only we know

Your hunger for me drives my wildest passions

And suddenly I’m lost in you and you in me

Two Hearts, One Wish

I trudge along the quiet street

Hoping for a soul to meet

I push my earbuds in real tight

Admiring the early birds in flight

I travel to a place unknown

And always find myself alone

My long hair sways from side to side

My ripped jeans hug me with each stride

I wish someone would come find me

But forever alone I shall be


I watch you stare at your own feet

And move your body to the beat

Your long locks shine in pure daylight

Your lips look soft enough to bite

Those hips, they make me want to moan

If you were mine, you’d have a throne

But here I sit alone and hide

Afraid to interrupt your glide

You’re such a lovely sight to see

If only you could be with me

We Met in a Dream

“What color is a sunset?” He asked with curiosity draped along his ears.

I peered deep into his golden stare and smiled. “It’s whatever color the fire is behind your eyes.”

I thought it an odd question to ask but he’s only ever lived in a dream. And I don’t dream of sunsets in the night, only the constellations he was born from. All he knows is the darkness of a vast, night sky and I am his only source of light, the moon in his world of endless twilight.


You painted my soul with colors we can only dream up

And you brought them to life with the intensity piercing from your dark stare

My heart was once filled to the brim because of you

But you drank from it and left me empty


You breathed your desire on my skin

And smeared passion on my lips

We devoured each other until there was nothing left

I’ve never felt so used, have you?


Your love was toxic

I’m still draining the poison from my heart

I remember the nights you licked the lust off my curves

You glared at me with hungry eyes and I thought I would melt before you


We shattered each other time and time again

You ripped me apart and I wrecked you

But I’ll love your damaged heart if you’ll love mine

Our broken pieces can fit together

Long Lost Soul

Sometimes in my dreams, I see myself in the house I used to live in as a child

But sometimes I see another house and I imagine it was my home in a past life

And sometimes I see myself in a whole other place with someone I don’t know

Someone familiar, and I feel as though I was connected to them at some point, in some way

Like an old love from another life or a best friend when my soul resided in another body


My mind doesn’t remember them when I wake up but my heart knows them very well

I find myself wishing I could run into their soul again in this life

Would they remember me too? Would they feel me and know I used to belong to them?

Would they feel the urge to have me once more?

Would I?

Maybe they would remember the bad between us in our old life together

Then again, maybe they would feel only the good and we could relive our best days over


If you had the chance to reconnect with a familiar soul from another life, would you?

I would tell them my heart remembers them

She recognizes their heart and the twinkle their soul leaves behind in their stunning eyes

I’ll remember what it feels like when their heart beats for me as I feel it again


Long lost soul, if you’re out there right now, I feel you, I remember you

Do you dream of me too? Do you think of the way I made you feel many years ago?

Do you catch yourself standing alone in the shower telling me you don’t know me but you miss me?

I do

I hope someday we can feel it again

I hope you find me and remind me with a single kiss

In this life or another, come back to me

What is Autism? (A poem to reach children)

There’s this boy I know, he’s really meek
The teachers say he’s quite unique
He smiles and calls everyone a friend
He’s behind on almost every trend

He’s the only kid who likes to share
It’s odd, but he says it’s only fair
He has outbursts and gets upset
But he’s the nicest kid I’ve ever met

He makes funny noises and can’t sit still
I hear everyday he takes a pill
But he seems to be very healthy
He follows the rules and can be stealthy

If he doesn’t act like he’s so sick
Then why do they say he’s autistic?
Most things for him prove to be hard
Routine changes are a wild card

He hasn’t learned to tie his shoes
He’ll scream out loud if he were too lose
He’s picked on almost everyday
And handles it in his own way

But what is Autism? Is it in the brain?
Does it make you different or insane?
I think it means his eyes can see
Solutions that are blind to me

I wrote this poem last year for my son, Apollos who was diagnosed with autism when he was six. Yesterday was his birthday and he’s now nine. I’m proud to be his mother and hope this piece sheds light on the matter for other children to better understand an awesome kid like him.

I Am Me And Nothing More

I’m lost when I’m with others
For no one else can save me
I’m forgotten when I’m needed
Forsaken when I’m used
I’m wise to play the fool
So no one knows what my brain can do

I’m a free spirit trapped inside myself
A caged heart searching for the very fire to melt the bars of its bone prison
I’m a wild card who lost her edge
I run around in circles living a life of pure dread
Stuck in a cycle of self pity and hate
But I love myself more than any other soul

I crave attention and touch
Yet I hate to be bothered
I want the world in my hands but I despise it so
I want your ears
Knowing I’ll never be understood

I’ve turned love into a game
And I detest losing
I’ll lure you in and leave you wanting
Still I’ll curse your name if you dare make me wait
Plead with me and I may show you mercy
But don’t expect to here me beg

I have too much pride and low self esteem
I praise my own name
Yet I put myself down
My faults are many
Still I’ll never change
I’ll make a wish and believe it so
Then laugh at another’s superstition

Because I am an angel without a halo
And I am wicked with a pretty soul
I am yours and somebody else’s
Then I am nobody’s but my own
You may posses my heart and still it will search
You can hold me captive but I will run free
Let me go and I might stay near
Or maybe I will float away like the petals from a dandelion blown by your wind

I never know what I’ll do until I finally do it
I care what others think until I’m hurt and shaken
And suddenly my heart is stone and nothing more can break it

When you want tamed, I am wild
When you want more, I am less
I am a natural disaster leaving everyone I love in the wake of my destruction
I stand before you but I am gone
I hear but I do not heed

I am naked before you wearing my favorite flaws
Don’t undress what you can’t appreciate
Don’t let your judgement cloud your sight
I have been tossed aside many a time
But I am meant to be admired
For I am the moon dusting the mountains                                                                       Displayed for all to see yet just out of reach

I am a wanderess without a compass
I am a queen with a flower crown
I demand your everything or nothing at all
I am the desire that seeps from the heart
I am the words that spill from treasured tongues
The lust that drips from supple lips

I am what you want
Never what you need
I am me and nothing more

To Love From Hate

I was born from you
When you went sour
You set me free
I reveled in your loss
I gathered your broken pieces
I put them together the best I could
But everything I touch turns ugly
I envy your happy smile
And the way you draw others to you
I hate your joy
It suffocates me so
When you’re miserable
I can finally breathe
I can spread to those you’ve touched
And make them mine
Hold them captive
Because I’m lonely

I bet you didn’t know I can love too
I love to hate you

The Devil’s Waters

I know what it means to be young

I remember bathing in the devil’s waters

Consequences were rare in sight

Every now and then I still dip my toes

The price to pay is much higher

The waters are not so forgiving

They want more

I carry the burns inside

Where they never fade away

I know God can see them

I stopped trying to hide a long time ago

You can lose a lot in those waters

Good thing I was empty

And kept my mouth closed


You wonder why you’re broken

You didn’t smell the lies in time

When you love with your eyes

And trust with your ears

You give your heart

For a moment of passion

You lose yourself

For a chance of acceptance

You don’t even know your worth

You don’t feel bits of your soul

Sprinkle the earth

As it’s crushed by the grip

Of another’s ego

Don’t you miss it, Love?

What did you expect?

When you act like a fool

You get taken for a fool