Tonight Is Ours

Meet me in the rain
Where we can wash away the pain

Strip your clothes that hide your skin
Show me where I should begin

Trace my curves with your fingers
Kiss me with soft lips that linger

Strong hands that draw me in so close
And lay me in your favorite pose

Hold me down and have your way
Warm tongue that loves to wildly play

Lure my moans out from within
Turn me into your sweetest sin

Bring me back to my knees
All I want to do is please

Forget the past and all the games
Open your mouth and breathe my name

Make me tremble from a single stare
Charge my soul with a touch so rare

Tomorrow our hearts can run free
But tonight, you’ll have all of me

When We Were Young

I remember tasting her

I remember it felt wrong

But only because that was how

I was told to feel

And the fear of being caught

Was taken over by

My want for her

Looking back

I think the only problem

Was that I was much too young

To possess such a thirst


Maybe if I were raised more free

I would be a different me


What I know

Is that I never again kissed

Another girl the way

She kissed me

Stardusted Dreams

Eager whispers seek the moon

From timid tongues riddled with secrets

Undeniable cravings

Desperate to be worn by constellations

Draping the night sky

Hungry with a wanderlust

To sail along this atmosphere

To reach beyond this galaxy

If only to be cradled

By the one who bathes in fantasies

This mysterious dream giver

How she dangles our every lust

She sprinkles a peek only

When our eyes are surely shut

And so we bleed desire

From our hearts up to the heavens

Most of my pieces do not rhyme, that happens to be my favorite way to write