Dead Inside

I don’t want to be alive

My soul is crushed by the weight of the world

My heart has been ever deprived

My existence means nothing anymore


I don’t believe that I can thrive

This crack reaches deep into my core

I should have never taken the dive

How could I think I would ever soar?


I’m not built to survive

When they break down every single door

Use words as weapons to connive

Push and kick me to the floor


And so it appears hate has arrived

There’s nothing left to adore

So why the hell am I still alive?

I suppose it’s time to settle the score

11 thoughts on “Dead Inside

    • I truly believe you speak with great accuracy. As I told AC in the comments above, once I got it out, I felt so much better. I’m back to my happy, flirty state of mind and I intend to stay in that mindset for a while. Because once it’s on, it’s hard to turn off if I’m being completely honest 😜

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  1. I can totally connect with your feelings though may be on a bit different level.
    But all i have to say is : Hold on. There are many unborn stories inside you and this world needs them. Giving birth to them will give you hope and you shall prevail over every obstacle in this absurd life.
    Love you and be strong 🙂

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