Everything I Am

They call me a dreamer

Saying my head is in the clouds like it’s a bad thing

My heart is full of hope

And my eyes awestruck by wonder


They call me a hippie

I remind them of wildflowers and sunshine

I spread peace and love to all with just a smile

I dance in the rain and crave to be free


They call me a poet

A true lover of words

A teller of tales

A hopeless romantic


They call me ditsy

A foolish little girl with no direction in life

Naive to believe in every lie

Innocent and sweet and I like it that way


They call me a runner

Because I never stay put

I leave everyone I love behind

To save them from myself


They call me a lost soul

As I have never found my way

I follow different paths

And lose myself in a single person


But I’ll never forget the man who found me in the forest

And refused to let me run

Who fell for my sweet nature

And shared my love for words

A man who stares deep into my smiling eyes

And dreams along with me

2 thoughts on “Everything I Am

  1. I like how you described yourself throughout this poem and mostly pointed out the good aspects, while still highlighting some of the bad too. To be found in a forest of trees is a beautiful thing. Keep dreaming.

    Oh, and I knew you were a hippie! 😉 Run through those wildflowers and be free.

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