When We Were Young

I remember tasting her

I remember it felt wrong

But only because that was how

I was told to feel

And the fear of being caught

Was taken over by

My want for her

Looking back

I think the only problem

Was that I was much too young

To possess such a thirst


Maybe if I were raised more free

I would be a different me


What I know

Is that I never again kissed

Another girl the way

She kissed me

5 thoughts on “When We Were Young

  1. It’s interesting how we view things when younger and unable to understand that discovery is a part of growing up. This was very sensual and intimate, without going over the top.

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    • Well, I was very young and already expressing my sexuality in a physical way. Maybe it was comforting to experience it with the female form but it I’ll never forget everything I experimented with back then. Thank you for the comment, AC.

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      • Yes, there is something to be said about the soft, sensuality of the female form. It is beautiful in so many different ways.

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    • It is indeed a very personal and so well written part of you
      I allowing myself to kisses you gently and sweetly on your six lips dear voluptuous Moon

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