Family is Love



   My sweet kiddos, Apollos and Lennox

My beautiful children playing with their cousins before our big move to the PNW. I love these kiddos together and I’m really going to miss those wild smiles they get from playing so free with their little tribe. They’ll have to find a new tribe in Seattle which shouldn’t be hard for them. Nothing will top this family love though.


           My mom with my Troy boy

So I realize I haven’t posted in awhile but I’ve been busy packing and getting rid of so many possessions. I hate that I haven’t written much on here because it actually hurts when I don’t write a little something everyday. I’ll have so many pictures to share from our big road trip and in the city when we reach our destination. We still aren’t sure of what date we’ll be leaving which makes this all the more spontaneous. I love it! We’re so excited to take this big step in our journey to a whole new life.

Adventure awaits us!

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