Mountains of my Soul


My soul doesn’t belong here. The moon calls on my heart to explore a sweeter land. The mountains pull me in deeper. They demand my presence. They long for the simplest embrace of my fingertips against the leaves of their trees. They crave for the wild winds to flow through me and steal my soul for them.

Where shall I thrive? Where is my home? You are my home, dear mountains. You hold my heart high on your peaks. My spirit is lost in your forests. Or is it found there?

You haunt my dreams because I am not with you. These dreams I have are far more than that. They are plans, hopes, urges. They are not forgotten. They are not in vain.

You draw me closer with each day. With each breath, I am yours. You have me. I ache to feel my toes in your earth. To soak in your waters. My skin tingles as I taste your air. I’ll breathe you in as if it’s the last time, everytime. I write my poetry for you, oh mountains of my soul.

I will find you, that I promise. I will follow, this I swear. I envision your sweet song giving birth to great adventure underneath my bones. I revel in it as it overtakes me.

And I know, this is my destiny.

4 thoughts on “Mountains of my Soul

    • I could get lost in the mountains for hours and never want to leave. I dragged my family for five hours in those pictures and only left because everyone else was tired and hungry again. I would’ve stayed another five hours if I could. Hell, I would’ve stayed forever if it were just me. In case you haven’t picked up on it yet, the mountains are where I’m happiest as well 🙂

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      • Yeah, I kinda picked up on that. Lol. I have a place up in the mountains of Virginia. Nice. Quiet. Secluded. No cell signal or internet service. A slice of heaven.

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      • That sounds purely utopian right now. Enjoy the serenity and beautiful sites of the large mountain walls filled with trees and wildlife for me the next time you’re there. There’s nothing like being hidden from society and drinking in the freedom of solitude.

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