Enchanted Nights



The moon sees me

My heart, my desires, my secrets

She feels them tugging at her

My soul meets with her every night and they whisper about dreams dancing in my head

My soul is awake and never settles

She wanders with the moon in search of another

My bones mean nothing in the night yet my skin is still alive waiting to be touched

My spirit is free and rebellious

She hears all and listens to no one

My whole being, all of me

Stimulated by wishes that fill the sky


Brimming with stardust

The night was made for such wildness

7 thoughts on “Enchanted Nights

  1. I really like your poetry. The emotions are very raw and natural and the flow of it is like a cascade, amazingly penned. Your wordings are simple which makes it more comfortable going through. However one thing I did notice that you’re using quite a lot of tags as WordPress actually filters out posts having 15 or more number of categories and tags combined (Uncategorized also counts as a category). So just reduce the number of tags you incorporate in your works and keep the most relevant ones. And as always keep writing with the same passion. Cheers! 🙂

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