My soul to bare

If you wish to see me. If you care to know me. Don’t just read my words but hold them. I open my soul to you for it has been ever shut.

What once was empty now is full, only to be emptied tomorrow. And when tomorrow becomes today, I must fill my soul with happiness. For we are not born laughing. We learn from those surrounding us. Just as we learn to hurt from those same beings.

And while our instinct is to cry, we hold it within ourselves. Until the night befalls us and we allow ourselves to dwell in the darkness of our despair.

For we believe the delusion that we are only pretty when we smile. And the soul can never be beautiful when drenched in tears. That our hearts are only good for holding secrets. Secrets that shouldn’t be spoken aloud lest we expose our truest forms.

Yet I put my thoughts on display, confident I will be judged. But who am I to hide my soul from the world?

So you may peer inside me, beyond my wild smile, beyond my sunshine eyes and know that I feel very real and raw.

That every smile is a choice.

I choose my happiness.

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